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Over a decade ago, the wooden decks became very popular; they are popular finishing options and our company, the best Concrete Patio Contractor in Poway, can replace your wooden deck with a spectacular concrete patio. Many terraces are made of hardened materials such as concrete, brick, and stone. Currently, homeowners who have installed wood decks are required to replace these patios because of the rotting wood or because they cannot cope with the cleaning requirements and scale which should be done after a few years. These terraces which have been made of concrete and concrete pavers are becoming the homeowner’s favorite once again. This is due to the benefits of having concrete patios against the disadvantages of using wood. We have identified some reasons why people are using concrete patios again.

The versatility attainable in using concrete can be leveraged to give your patio a unique look. With the recent innovation that has led to the introduction of colored concrete techniques and the use of stamping tools, patios which are made and poured into place concrete are more versatile. They can be formed into different shapes to accommodate the backyard space overcoming restrictions, and beautiful curves can be adapted to the design. The use of stains and coloring techniques has also added to the beauty of concrete patios. It all depends on how creative you are; there is no limit to what can be achieved by using the concrete patios to match the stone façade or the natural landscape around your home.

Other design options include the use of creative patterns and design options which include stamped concrete patterns, stenciling, engraving, exposed aggregate, etc. while a majority of the concrete patios are designed to improve the outdoor landscape, some homeowners may choose to use a concrete patio style which adds beauty to their indoor living areas to achieve a surface that blends smoothly with the interior décor. The concrete can also be designed to look like the popularly used patio finishing which is more expensive such as the use of bricks, stone and wood, etc.

Concrete finishing is also durable; this feature complements its versatility. When concrete is used, you are sure that the finished work will be durable enough to withstand all kinds of harsh weather. In addition, when contractors work in places with the very cold weather, they will need to use extra measures to ensure that the finished work is durable.

Overall, stamped concrete will last longer than other types of installations. We use sufficient steel and rebar materials in a two-foot grid which prevents cracking. We also apply multiple coats of sealer for an added protection. Overall, the strength of the concrete mix reaches about 4000 psi which includes the reinforcement of the fibers.

It is also easier to maintain when compared to the use of paving units, natural stone, concrete finishing has a solid surface which can be easily maintained. There will be no need to fill the joints with sand, and you will not be bothered by grass or weeds as seen when paving stones are used. In addition, the individual pavers tend to be placed unevenly which could cause people to trip, hence it is a potential hazard.

The concrete patio, when compared with wood, will not require the need to stain or reseal every other year. And they are not vulnerable to termite infestation, wood rot or splintering.

Another advantage of the concrete patio is that it is environmentally friendly when compared to the wood finishes which require a lot of lumber and concrete surfaces require less maintenance; there will be no need for solvents to remove stains or the use of sealers.

Concrete can also be stamped, engraved and stenciled according to the designs you want. This way the concrete finishing can be made to look like the stone or brick finishing. You can have that same exotic look without spending the huge costs needed to install stone floors. Then there is the aesthetic appeal, and durability of the decorative concrete which will increase the value of your home.

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