How To Urgently Repair Your Concrete Sidewalks In Poway Ca?

7 Signs To Urgently Repair Your Concrete Sidewalks Poway CaConcrete sidewalks are a common feature in many neighborhoods and commercial areas. Though they are built to last, concrete sidewalks can crack and crumble over time due to weathering, tree roots, or other impacts. If you have a concrete sidewalk, it’s important to inspect it regularly and watch for signs of damage. Here are 7 signs that your concrete sidewalk needs urgent repair:

  1. Cracks wider tha1/4 inch. It’s normal for concrete sidewalks to develop small cracks over time. But if the cracks are wider than 1/4 inch, this is a sign that the sidewalk is deteriorating and needs to be repaired.
  2. Cracks that are growing. If you notice that the cracks in your concrete sidewalk are getting bigger, this is a sign of serious structural damage and the sidewalk will need to be repaired or replaced soon.
  3. Sunken sections of sidewalk. If parts of your concrete sidewalk are sunken or lower than the surrounding area, this can be caused by soil erosion or settling. This damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent trip hazards.
  4. Bulging or raised sections of sidewalk. Like sunken sections, bulges or raised sections of sidewalk can create trip hazards. They can also be caused by tree roots or other underground objects pushing up on the sidewalk.
  5. Cracks that are spalled or flaked. If you see cracks that are spalled (the edges are broken off) or flaked (the surface is peeling away), this is a sign of severe weathering and the sidewalk will need to be replaced soon.
  6. Stains or discoloration. Stains or discoloration on a concrete sidewalk can be caused by spilled chemicals, oil, or other liquids. These stains should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming permanent.
  7. Moss or mold growth. Moss or mold growth on a concrete sidewalk is not only unsightly, but it can also cause the concrete to deteriorate. This growth should be removed as soon as possible.


How Do You Fix An Uneven Concrete Sidewalk?

If your concrete sidewalk is uneven, you can use a concrete leveling compound to level it out. This process is fairly simple and can be done with a few tools.

Can Cracked Concrete Be Repaired?

Yes, cracked concrete can be repaired. However, the type of repair will depend on the severity of the damage. For minor cracks, you can use a concrete patching compound. For more serious cracks, you may need to replace the entire section of sidewalk.

Can You Pour Concrete Over Cracked Concrete?

Yes, you can pour concrete over cracked concrete. However, this is only a temporary fix and the cracks will eventually come back. For a more permanent solution, you’ll need to repair the cracks first.


It is important to repair your concrete sidewalk if you notice any of the above damage. Ignoring the damage will only make it worse and can lead to injuries if someone trips on a raised or sunken section. For minor repairs, you can do it yourself with some concrete patching compound. For more serious damage, you’ll need to call in a professional. For more information, contact Concrete Contractor Poway Ca at (858) 683-6565.